Doll Loves Front Man – 오징어 게임 Squid Game Red Light Green Light – FNF Vs Squid Game Real Life
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We are fans of the Squid Game movie and Friday Night Funkin’ game. Super huge fans, I can say!!!!
We were thinking about what if we combine FNF and Squid Game into short movies in real life. Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Selever, and their friends have only one mission to survive and win all the challenges. Our mixture of FNF games and Squid Game movies promises to bring relaxing moments and joy to everyone.

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Producer – Thanh Tan
Director – Phuoc Loc
Director of photography: Hoang Phuong
Scriptwriter – Thanh Huyen
Voice Talent – To Uyen, Gia Hung
Compositor – Ngoc Quy